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EACCME® participant’s evaluation form

1) Quality of the event *

How useful for your professional activity did you find this event?

What was your overall impression of this event?



2) Relevance of the event *

Did the event fulfill your educational goals and expected learning outcomes?

Was the presented information well balanced and consistently supported by a valid scientific evidence base?

How useful to you personally was each session?

Session 1: Hot topics in PAD: LINC @ SITE

Session 2: Top Secrets for PAD treatment. My choice

Session 3: FYA@SITE. From nightmares to sweet dreams (or not).

Session 4: Sponsored symposium

Session 5: Free papers Vascular Nursing

Session 6: Hot topics in PAD

Session 7: CiB1: Case in a box

Session 8: Posters presentation PAD

Session 9: Controversies in PAD: Amputation epidemic

Session 10: Tips & tricks in PAD therapy and diabetic foot

Session 11: How do I do it? Vascular ART@ SITE

Session 12: Challenging cases in PAD

Session 13: Vascular nursing: Fast track in lower limb revascularization

Session 14: Top secret session, HTDI@SITE. Ascending and arch endorepair

Session 15: PVI @ SITE Great debate: Ascending and arch repair

Session 16: Hot Topics: Aortic dissection, New Frontiers @ SITE

Session 17: Disaster cases, Critical Issues @ SITE

Session 18: Free papers in Aorta

Session 19: Posters presentations Vascular Nursing

Session 20: Radiation exposure reduction, LIVE @ SITE

Session 21: iMAC @ SITE. The best endovascular approach for no infrarenal neck & thoracoabdominal pathologies

Session 22: Posters presentation Aorta

Session 23: Innovation session

Session 24: F/EVAR tips & tricks, SERVEI @ SITE

Session 25: HOT Topics in Aortic Therapy. New technologies

Session 26: Challenging cases in Aorta

Session 27: Vascular nursing: A flavour to SITEUpdate. Challenges for nursing in aortic team setup

Session 28: Endovascular treatment of the acute deep vein thrombosis

Session 29: Free papers in Venous

Session 30: Endovascular treatment of deep chronic vein insufficiency and or post-thrombotic syndrome

Session 31: Posters presentation Venous

Session 32: Pelvic venous insufficiency and management on compression syndromes

Session 33: Challenging cases in Venous

Session 34: What's new and trending in superficial venous insufficiency

3) Suitability of formats used during the event *

Was there adequate time available for discussions, questions & answers and learner engagement?

4) Ways the event affects clinical practice *

Will the information you learnt be implemented in your practice?

5) Commercial bias *

Did all the faculty members provide their potential conflict of interest declaration with the sponsor(s) as a second slide of their presentation?

Do you agree that the information was overall free of commercial and other bias?